Water availability from small dams in Pothwar plateau of Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Kamran Afzal1, Abdul Qayyum Mohsin


To ensure the water availability from small dams in the Pothwar Plateau of Punjab, two dams namely Khasala and Jawa were investigated. Pothwar Plateau has erratic rainfall pattern and depends on rainfall for agriculture production. The construction of small dams in this region provides a lifeline to the farmer’s community. The Government of Punjab has constructed 55 small dams in this region to facilitate the farmers in terms of irrigation services. The selected dams have potential to irrigate the culturable command area but due to poor water managements services and absence of agriculture extension services, farmers produce low agriculture yield and hesitate to cultivate more land. Water availability from these dams is more important than construction of small dams. Some farmers in the study area use dug-wells for irrigation purposes and bear a high cost of production. The several bottlenecks existing in the full utilization of dam’s water are mentioned as: failure of warabandi system, absence of water user associations, broken water channels, blockage of water courses, improper maintenance of water channels and absence of water management services. The Government of Punjab (GOP) and Small Dams Organization (SDO) need more efforts to facilitate the farmers in terms of irrigation services and effective water management practices are desirable to enhance the agriculture production in the Pothwar region.

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