Humic acid in combination with phosphorus augments mungbean yield and nutrient uptake under rain fed conditions

M. Sarwar, Shoaib Ahmed, M. Arsalan, M. Imran, M. Laeeq Hashmi


A study was conducted at experimental area of Pulses Program, National Agricultural Centre, Islamabad to investigate the integrated effects of humic acid (HA) and phosphorus (P) fertilizer on growth and yield of mungbean crop. There were two levels of humic acid viz, 0 and 60 kg ha−1 and three levels of Pviz, 0,30 kgha−1 and 60 kg ha−1 . The experiment was laid down in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. Data were recorded regarding podsplant−1 , thousands grain weights (g), grain yield (t ha−1 ), P content in grain and shoot, and P uptake. Maximum mungbean yield, i.e., 1.42 tha−1 was recorded with combined application of 60 kg ha−1 P2O5 with 60 kg ha−1 humicacid. Similarly, the highest P uptake, i.e., 17.9kgha−1was observed with treatment having 60 kgP2O5 ha−1 along with 60 kg HAha−1 followed by 13.9 kg P2O5ha−1 where P was applied @ 30 kg P2O5ha−1 along with 60 kg HA ha−1 . Overall results showed that combined application of P and HA to mungbean significant impact on growth, yield and nutrient availability.

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