Canine parvovirus infection in dog: a case report

Munibullah Munibullah, Arfan Yousaf, Muhammad Arif Zafar, Muhammad Yaqoob, Zahid Naseer, Muddusar Nawaz, Asghar khan


Canine parvovirus infection is one of the main causes of death in canines mostly in puppies due to hemorrhagic enteritis. The present case was presented at Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH), Department of Clinical studies, FV&AS PMAS-AAUR. The dog age eleven (11) months was suffering from bloody diarrhea, loss of appetite (anorexia), vomiting, dehydration and subnormal temperature, on the basis of clinical signs and symptoms it was symptomatically diagnosed as parvovirus infection. Symptomatic and supportive treatment was performed by using 5 % Dextrose infusion (Unisole), along with Ranitidine @ 0.5 mg/ kg body weight BID I/M, Inj. Vitamin K @1 mcg/kg body weight single dose I/M, Inj. Jetepar-10ml intravenous (I/V), Inj. Onset 8mg intravenous (I/V) and Inj. Transamine (transamic acid @ 5mg/kg body weight for three days. The owner was also educated that they have to avoid feeding to their pet (dog) for 48 hours. The prognosis of the presented case was satisfactory.

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