Humic acid affects zinc availability and wheat yield in zinc deficient calcareous soil

M Sarwar, Shoaib Ahmed, M Arsalan, Mattiullah Khan


Field experiment was conducted at National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad during 2014-15to investigate interactive effect of humic acid (HA) and zinc (Zn) on wheat growth and yield. Treatments were arranged in split-plot design with three replications. Three Zn levels (0, 5 and 10 kg ha-1) were tested with and without humic acidapplication (50 kgha-1). The maximum grain yield of wheat (3496 kg ha-1) was recorded with 10 kg Zn ha-1 in combination withhumic acid application @50 kgha-1. It was 16% more than control (2908 kg ha-1) and 3.5% fromZn application @ 5 kgha-1 along with humic acidapplication.However, treatment of 5 kg Zn with H.A was better than sole application of Zn @ (10 kg ha-1). The maximum Zn content in wheat grain were recorded (29 mgkg-1) with Zn application @ 10 kgha-1 along with humic acid which is 14% more than5 kgha-1Zn application with humic acid and 17% from 10 kgha-1 Zn treatments without humic acid. Similarly, the highest Zn uptake (135g ha-1) was recorded in treatment of 10 kg Zn ha-1 with humic acid. The results confirmed significant effect of humic acid and zinc on yield, Zn uptake in grain and whole shoot of wheat.

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