Ways of managing fertilizers for improved rice production

Md Abdullah Al Mamun, M. Moynul Haque


Efficient fertilizer management provides increased crop production. The aim of this paper was to review the ways of proficient nutrient management for maximum rice production. The results of several studies showed that the use of leaf color chart, urea supper granule, and soil plant analysis development for nitrogen (N) fertilizer management increased N use efficiency. Urea supper granule produced 17.84% higher yield of rice and saved 32.52% N over prilled urea. Online fertilizer recommendation system through rice crop manager and Soil Resource Development Institute system also reduced fertilizer cost and ensure higher rice yield. The specific nutrient management model yielded 10% higher grain yield compared to traditional practice. Balanced fertilization, integrated plant nutrient management system; and selection of appropriate source, rate, time and method of nutrient application ensure efficient use of applied nutrients. Therefore, efficient fertilizer application could be ensured by using suitable tools like leaf color chart, urea super granule, and rice crop manager or fertilizer recommendation model; and target yield can be achieved through adopting proven techniques of individual nutrient.

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