JAAB Current Issue: Vol 2, No 1 (2017)

1. Microbial fuel cells as a novel technology for energy production and wastewater treatment (Pages 1-18)

2. Humic acid affects zinc availability and wheat yield in zinc deficient calcareous soil (Pages 19-25)

3. Canine parvovirus infection in dog: a case report (Pages 26-28)

4. Phenolic profile and antioxidant capacity of some selected summer fruits from Pakistan (Pages 29-36)

5. Grain quality attributes of new rice basmati lines of Pakistan (Pages 37-47)

6. New distributional records of aphid, Melanaphis donacis (Passerini) in osia and surrounding areas, Punjab, Pakistan (Pages 48-51)

7. Humic acid in combination with phosphorus augments mungbean yield and nutrient uptake under rain fed conditions (Pages 52-58)